Pharmaceutical companies

With more than 3,000 pharma companies & a strong network of over 10,500 manufacturing facilities as well as a highly skilled resource pool, India is hailed as the “pharmacy of the world’.

Our thriving pharmaceutical industry is the world's 3rd largest by volume and 14th largest in terms of value and has the highest number of US-FDA compliant Pharma plants outside of USA.

As a leading source of path-breaking innovation, The risks faced by pharmaceutical industry are very unique in nature. From the point of Invention, development, clinical trials, production and commercialization, there are a lot of aspects that can go wrong and the penalties for violation are exorbitant.

Some of the common risks faced by the pharmaceutical industry are – non- compliance of supplier, failure of crucial assets and resources, product recall, non-compliance, Employee Health and safety, environmental impact, time to market and the risk of litigation.

At Securus, our long-time experience in life sciences enable us to create a risk management programme and partner with our clients to understand the risks they are exposed to and recommend appropriate insurance covers.