Educational Institutions

The scope of hazards faced by the Educational Institutions sector is broader than it appears. Ranging from property and casualty risks, workers’ compensation injuries to enrollment, distance learning, cyber, and campus safety risks are some of the biggest concerns for many institutions.

Insurance for educational institutions covers a wide variety of educational institutions, including:
  • Private elementary and high schools
  • Vocational/trade schools
  • Community and junior colleges
  • Public elementary and high school districts
  • Protects against natural perils
  • Secures property
  • Covers against employee dishonesty
  • Protects you against your worker’s liability
  • Secures students
  • Protects against public liability

Schools are the steppingstones in shaping a society and its important to have the educational institutions protected and insured along with the Students, Teachers, and support staff.

At Securus, our expertise in handling the insurance requirements of a schools stems from our experience of over a decade.