Infrastructure & Construction

The Indian construction industry employs over 30 million people, directly employing over 16% of the nation’s working population & creates assets worth over ₹ 200 billion and has accounted for around 40 per cent of the development investment during the past 50 years.

For an industry of such high magnitude, with new innovations changing the landscape of construction industry, managing risk is becoming more complex & intricate.

Protection against loss, damage and liability is required at every stage of construction – from conceptualisation and design to implementation, handover and operation, comprehensive insurance coverage is imperative. This is because the inherent risks associated with construction projects are numerous and substantial.

At Securus, we enable our team of comprehensive insurance experts to assist and advise construction professionals such as contractors, Builders, Realtors, Project Managers and even individual homeowners.

Our team brings years of extensive experience in the Construction & Infrastructure industry to help you recognise potential risks and insure your self against significant risks right from inception of the infrastructure till the last brick is laid. We would serve you even after the construction is done by assisting you in insuring your building against several other risks such as Fire.