Stats - The appliances and consumer electronics (ACE) market in India is expected to grow to US$ 21.18 billion by 2025

electric vehicles financing industry in India is projected to grow to ~ US$ 50 billion by 2030

In the first half of FY21, India received ~US$ 30 billion worth of funds through foreign direct investment

In September 2021, the government approved PLI scheme worth Rs. 26,058 crore (US$ 3.53 billion) for auto industry and drone industry

In May 2021, the government approved a PLI scheme worth Rs. 18,000 crore (US$ 2.47 billion) for production of advanced chemical cell (ACC) batteries

India has potential to become a global manufacturing hub and by 2030, it can add more than US$ 500 billion annually to the global economy.

The manufacturing industry in India contributes about 15 percent of the country’s GDP.

India’s manufacturing exports stood at $229 billion in 2019 (before the pandemic) billion which is 43 percent of the country’s total exports. The biggest exports are engineering goods, chemicals & related products, and leather goods.

Textiles, capital goods, cement, food products, pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics and rubber, electronics and automobiles are the most thriving segments in the manufacturing industry.

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