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This is the first step to be done by the Client/immediate family members once a claim has happened. They should contact the broker immediately and keep him informed of the policy details, type of the claim & a brief history of the claim. Intimation of claim is must to process the claim.

Efficient claims management is the holy grail for insurance companies. Poor claims management can increase insurer’s costs significantly, eating up almost 80 percent of the revenue earned from premiums.

How Does It Work?

Checkout how a claim is being processed.

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Claim Intimation

Your broker is your primary contact when it comes to your insurance policy. The first and foremost step is to report your Broker about the claim as early as possible with a detailed account of the claim incident.


Document Submission

Collect, verify and submit all documents in support of the claim registered. Any photos or videos that support the claim.. Assessor/ surveyor will follow up with you to complete the claims process.

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Claim Settled

Once the investigation is complete, after evaluating the extent of the loss and verification of the documents, the claim will be settled. The time duration it takes to receive payment of the claim will depend on complexity and severity of the claim.